Falling Asleep Anywhere, Narcoleptic Student Gets Guardian Angel

INSIDE EDITION has the story of the young woman living with narcolepsy that is so severe, she falls asleep in the middle of just about anything.

In a video, a young woman was dancing when suddenly her legs gave out and she slipped into a deep sleep right on the floor! She just had a narcoleptic attack! It's rare to see caught on tape.

Sarah Wheaton can fall asleep anywhere without warning.

She recorded a video as she was studying. In the video she nodded off while taking notes. Just like that, she was fast asleep.

The 21-year-old almost nodded off right in the middle of her interview with INSIDE EDITION.

She said, “Sorry, I’m really tired today.”

Sarah has shown signs of narcolepsy since she was a baby. Her mom, Patti, says she used to think it was a good thing, saying, “I thought it was a wonderful blessing for a two-year-old to ask to go to bed, to ask to take a nap. She would fall asleep in her high chair. She would fall asleep watching TV.”

But as Sarah got older, her family realized they were dealing with a serious disorder.
She said, "Plenty of times, family members have found me on the kitchen floor.”

Sarah has a service dog, named Sage to help keep her safe. Sage is always with her. She's trained to sense when Sarah is about to fall asleep and let's her know when she needs a nap.

Sage even sleeps in bed with Sarah and is always on duty.

“She’s my baby and my guardian angel,” Sarah said.