Celebrities on the Red Carpet at the ESPY Awards

INSIDE EDITION talked to the stars on the red carpet at the 2010 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, California.  

Former late night host Arsenio Hall is lashing out at Mel Gibson. "So I gotta think he's a jerk," he said. "He should go away and just do movies with Woody Allen because we aren't putting up with the passion of Mel anymore."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Hall at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. He says he was a friend of Gibson's until he heard the tapes. Now, he's put his own comedic spin on the scandal:
"He's not only a racist but he's stupid...If you're going through a divorce you don't want to diss Jews because you're going to need a good lawyer. He's messing with Jews and blacks, he can't get a good lawyer and he can't get good seats at the BET Awards any more...I mean, it's over Mel, it's over."

Actor Stephen Baldwin is no stranger to rants caught on tape. Three years ago his brother Alec was recorded screaming at his daughter Ireland.

Stephen says everyone should show Gibson some compassion.
"Life's tough, he's in a rut, he's in a bad place, and I just would ask that everybody pray for the guy," he told INSIDE EDITION.

Meanwhile, stars, supermodels, and even World Cup soccer heroes like Landon Donovan flocked to this year's ESPYs.

Donovan won the Best Moment award for his goal in the match against Algeria, and he's apparently winning back his estranged wife, Rules of Engagement star Bianca Kajlich.
"There's definitely going to be a happy ending, a very happy ending, regardless of whether we end up married or friends or whatever. We're going to be very happy together," Donovan and Kajilich said.

During the show, Saturday Night Live's Seth Myers turned Tiger Woods into the joke of the night: "So everyone, give it up for Tiger Woods...if you haven't already."