Lions, Tigers, and Big Cat Week - Oh My!

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Nat Geo's Boone Smith and his two friends, a baby lion and baby tiger, to discuss "Big Cat Week."

Nat Geo is kicking off Big Cat Week with tracker Boone Smith.

Smith came by INSIDE EDITION studios along with two buddies, a baby tiger and a baby lion.

Check Out the Baby Tiger and Baby Lion

He said, “We've got a bangle tiger here, this is Jingles, he's about six weeks old. Here in the crate playing around, we have Nala and she is an African lion.”

On the show, Smith puts himself in a see-through acrylic box during a lion feast. He said, “We wanted to look at lions like we haven't before. We wanted to give a perspective that we haven't given before.”

Big Cat Week kicks off with Man v. Lion on November 28th at 9 p.m. on Nat Geo Wild.