Did Bill Cosby Use Playboy Connection To Target Women?

INSIDE EDITION reports on Bill Cosby’s Playboy connection. Did he use his connection to hit on young women?

Did Bill Cosby use Hugh Hefner's Playboy empire to hit on women?

The question looms as three women with links to Playboy are coming forward to join the ranks of Cosby accusers.

During the days of the Swinging 60s and 70s, Cosby was a regular at Hefner's Playboy parties.

One video shows him hanging out with Hefner and Sammy Davis Jr. on the TV show Playboy After Dark.

Former Bunny Sarita Butterfield appeared in Playboy in November 1977. She says that Cosby saw the photos and asked a contact at the magazine for her phone number.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Sarita, "How did you react?"

Sarita responded, "Like any 22-year-old. I was like, 'Wow.'"

She says that Cosby invited her to his home in Massachusetts for a celebrity-studded Christmas Eve dinner.

She told McInerney, "When Bill Cosby invites you, Diane, to join his family, this is never in your wildest dream that you would think that it would be anything other than a wonderful family environment."

But on the night of the dinner, Sarita says that Cosby approached her when she was alone in the guest house.

She said, "He cornered me and he tried to kiss me aggressively, and I felt pinned. And his hands were trying to massage my breasts."

McInerney asked, "What did you say?"

"I said, 'Get off me.' I said, 'Stop.' He was like an animal. He preyed on me, caught me," said Sarita.

She also said that she decided she could tell no one about the disturbing episode.

"I had this secret for so long and I felt so ashamed and humiliated, discarded and mistreated. He's living Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," said Sarita.

Former Playboy Bunny Carla Ferrigno, now the wife of The Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno, claims that Cosby pulled a similar outrage with her.

Victoria Valentino was Playmate of the Month in September 1963. She claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her after drugging her.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "He got up and he started walking out the door, and I said, 'How are we going to get home?' And he looked at me indifferently, well, he didn't really even look at me. He just kind of turned around and said, 'Call a cab.'"

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Valentino summed up Playboy parties this way: "It's a perfect milieu for a predator to schmooze in."

Cosby's attorney has called the allegations ridiculous and unsubstantiated.