Exhibit A: Photos Of Officer Wilson From Grand Jury

In announcing its decision, the grand jury also released the evidence it was based on, including the testimony and photos of officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Police Officer Darren Wilson stared straight ahead when he posed for a series of photos after fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown. His lip appeared to be slightly swollen. In one photo the right side of his cheek appeared to be bruised. Another photo shows what could be abrasions caused when he said Michael Brown assaulted him in his police car.

Photos of what he looked like are part of the just-released evidence a grand jury saw before making the decision that is rocking the nation. 

HLN host Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "He doesn't seem to have a scratch on his face. Even the photo that offers a 'close-up,' I see a little red mark. A pinpoint red mark. I don't understand how that warrants seven gunshots."

We're hearing for the first time what Wilson says happened in his own words. Minutes after Brown was caught on surveillance video stealing cigarillos from a convenience store, Wilson told the grand jury he encountered Brown walking in the middle of the street.   

According to Wilson, “I say, ‘Hey, come here for a minute’ to Brown. As I’m opening the door he turns, faces me, looks at me and says, ‘What the [expletive] are you going to do about it,’ and shuts my door, slammed it shut.”

A photo showed the open window of Wilson’s police car.  He says Brown leaned in and hit him in the face. A struggle then ensued. Wilson is 6'4" and 210 pounds. Brown is about the same height, 6'4" and 290 pounds.  

“When I grabbed him, the only way I can describe it is I felt like a five-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan,” Wilson told the grand jury.

Nancy Grace told INSIDE EDITION, "He was fighting, essentially, with Michael Brown's arm. His one arm. Remember he is in a car. All he has to do is push the gas and that ends the whole thing."

A photo showed Wilson’s gun, he told the grand jury he reached for it to subdue Brown.

Wilson said, “I said, ‘Get back or I’m going to shoot you."  He immediately grabs my gun and says, ‘You are too much of a [expletive] to shoot me.’”

Evidence photos showed bullet holes in Wilson’s car as he says they struggled over the gun and it went off twice.  

“He looked up at me and had the most intense aggressive face. The only way I can describe it, it looks like a demon, that's how angry he looked,” said Wilson.

Wilson says Brown began to run away and he gave chase. But the officer says just seconds later, Brown turned and charged right at him, not with his hands up as some witnesses say.

Another witness told the grand jury that Brown "charged like a football player, head down.”

Grace said, "I get it, the cop was in the heat of the moment. I understand. But seven gunshots? Way over the top!"

“All I see is his head and that's what I shot.”  Wilson testified, “The demeanor on his face went blank, the aggression was gone. The threat was stopped. When he fell, he fell on his face.”

Michael Brown's family say they are "profoundly disappointed" by the grand jury's decision. The family's lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said at a press conference, "We object publicly and loudly as we can on behalf of Michael Brown Jr.'s family that this process is broken!"