Angelina Jolie Caught Smoking?

After her very public surgery to prevent cancer, it turns out, Angelina Jolie is still smoking. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Angelina Jolie caught smoking a cigarette? It sure looked like it.

In photos featured in this week’s issue of In Touch magazine, the actress can be seen holding what looks like a cigarette.

Two years ago, after the 38-year-old mother of six had a double mastectomy after being told she had a 87% risk of breast cancer.

In Touch claims Jolie lit up as stress reliever during a fight with hubby Brad Pitt. The headline reads "The End!" and shows images of the couple in what appears to be a heated discussion. There is a photo that shows Pitt gesturing to Jolie then turning to walk away.

And get this, Pitt also had a cigarette in his hand. looks like both parents have a bad habit they need to kick.