Pigs Can't Fly! Airline Boots Passenger With Pet Pig

Pigs on a plane? A passenger was booted off a plane, along with her pet pig that she said was an ‘emotional support animal.’ INSIDE EDITION has the unusual story.

And you thought your Thanksgiving travel was a nightmare?

Rachel Boerner, 29, boarded a US Airways plane with a pot-bellied pig named Hobey. She said he was an, "Emotional Support Animal."

But before takeoff, the pig went wild, squealing like crazy and defecating in the aisle, according to other passengers. Rachel and her pig were kicked off the plane.
Rob Phelps was on board the plane at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, bound for Washington, D.C.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "The pig was defecating as she was carrying it. She brought it down and it didn't have a separate seat, and it smelled."

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked Phelps, "So, how did the other people react once everyone realized this is in fact a pig?"

"At first, everyone was in disbelief, then hysterical laughter, and then, no we can't have this," replied Phelps.

The passenger's Facebook page is loaded with photos of her with Hobey.

She also said, "I feel a bit lost without Hobey with us."

Last year, a Vietnam veteran was outraged when he was booted off a plane with his service dog.

In a video of the scene, the veteran said,"I'm sorry folks, but I've earned the right to have this service animal."

Emotional support animals are permitted on flights. They can be, of course, dogs and cats. However, they can also be pigs and, can you believe it, monkeys! But some critics say some flyers take advantage of the rules to avoid expensive fees when their pets are flown in cargo.

Pigs are the hot new pet. Animal experts say they're great for people who are allergic to dogs and cats.

But while they start out as adorable little piglets, they almost always end up growing to be enormous!

Hobey the pig is 80 pounds.

The Airline said, "After the animal became disruptive, the passenger was asked to deplane."

Hobey, a pig that truly could not fly.