What Is Janay Rice Really Thinking? Body Language Analyzes Janay's TV Interview

Janay Rice shared her side of the story in a TV interview, but did her body language tell a different story? INSIDE EDITION has a body language expert provide an opinion.

Janay Rice says her husband Ray has never hit her before, and swears he never will again.

Janay sat down with her mom, Candy Palmer, in the home she shares with the embattled NFL star for an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer.

Janay told Lauer, "I'm not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me and, you know, God forbid, in front of my child. And just let it happen? There's no way."

And get this, she says she's never actually seen the video of the punch!

"I refuse, I refuse," said Janay.

But is her story believable?

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret examined the interview tape with body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass.

Dr. Glass gave Moret her opinion on the interview, "When he asked her if there was any violence in their relationship prior to this incident she's shaking her head yes, which means, 'Yes.' And then, she squints her eyes, which is a little signal, a little micro-expression of deception. Her body language tells you something happened."

Janay says the elevator dust-up was the result of a drunken night on the town.

Janay told Lauer, "You can't make excuses for anything, but we were highly intoxicated."

"She's talking too much, she's getting defensive, and her smile is a phony smile, it's not a genuine smile it's a nervous smile. And in those three instances you can really see that there is deception happening," Dr. Glass said.

Janay broke down in tears when she talked about the fall-out of her husband being fired from the Baltimore Ravens, causing his promising NFL career to go up in flames.

"I was so angry and hurt. The man that I love, everything ripped out from under him. It made me angry," said Janay in her interview with Lauer.

Janay's mom says she supports her daughter's decision to stay with Rice.

Dr. Glass believes, "She's in denial, and again she is trying to protect him, when in essence she shouldn't be, because her pain and her anger is deep inside. And, she knows very well why she is angry."

Lauer said to Janay's mother, Palmer, "Do you know what was being said? 'She is a typical abused woman,' 'She is a woman in denial.'"

Palmer responded, "I heard everything. I totally understand how people look at that and think that this is who she is, but I know her, and we know and she is not."

Dr. Glass commented on Palmer's reponse, saying, "The mother makes a fist like position. She is very angry. The mother is angry that her daughter is in this situation to begin with. She really can't say anything, but her body language is saying a lot."

Dr. Glass says she believes that Rice will strike his wife again.

But, Janay says she has put her husband on notice.

Palmer concluded, "There is not next time, we have already made that clear. There is no next time."