Eaten Alive! Daredevil Describes Being Inside The Belly Of The Beast

The daredevil who gets eaten alive by a giant Anaconda on the upcoming TV special tells INSIDE EDITION what it was like to go face-to-face with the snake.

Imagine being eaten alive by the world's largest snake, the anaconda.

Now, imagine doing it deliberately, all for a Discovery Channel TV special.

The entire ordeal took about an hour to film and daredevil naturalist Paul Rosolie was counting every second.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander interviewed Rosolie.

He said, "The last thing I saw was that mouth come straight at my face and everything went black."

Alexander asked, "What was it like being eaten by a snake?"

He said, "You're gasping for air and you have this snake crushing down on you, so my brain was going back and forth between, 'This is awesome,' and being a little bit freaked out."

Rosolie wore a special suit designed not just to protect himself, but also to protect the giant reptile.

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He said, "The first thing was surviving the crush, so we had to make the carbon fiber suit that would  protect my rib cage, protect the structure of my body, because without that I would literally be crushed by the snake."

"How do you respond to the critics who say the snake was tormented and possibly hurt in this process?" asked Alexander.

Rosolie said, "The snake is alive and well, she's very healthy, and I'm sure she's looking forward to the next time she can kick me around."

You can watch Paul being eaten alive on Discovery this Sunday at 9pm.