Repo Man To The Rescue In Wild Police Skateboard Chase

Police were in hot pursuit of a suspected car thief fleeing on his skateboard when a repo man saved the day. INSIDE EDITION has the unusual story.

It was a hot pursuit by cops and the suspected car thief made a run for it. But there has never been a suspect flee like the dude in pursuit.

A helicopter cameraman said, "He's out on foot! He's got a skateboard."

There was a skateboard tucked under his arm and when he thought the cops were catching up, he put his board under his feet and pumped his legs like crazy to get away from the pursuing men in blue.

Then, he sprinted off again. As the suspect desperately tried to outrun the cops, a driver in a red pick-up truck realized what was going on and leapt into action. He actually pinned the skateboarder against the fence with his truck, allowing cops to catch up. The next moment, it was all over.  

A Los Angeles TV news crew interviewed the hero pickup driver. He said, "Instinct. Just block the guy off and slow him down a little bit."

But there's another surprise in store. Who's that guy?
Now, we know the answer, he's a well-known reality TV personality. For seven years, Lou Pizarro was the star of TRU-TV’s popular Operation Repo.

No one recognized Pizarro after the chase because he's lost so much weight after having stomach reduction surgery.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I have lost in the past year, just over 100 pounds."

He told us about the dramatic capture, saying, "This guy, you know, he caused an accident. Somebody could be hurt and he is running from the scene. I don't think so!"

That red pick-up truck is actually the vehicle he uses to repo cars, the tow arm is hidden in back. After so many years of repossessing cars, we bet he never went after a set of wheels like this.