Stolen Valor: Vet Confronts Phony Soldier In A Mall

A suspected case of stolen valor has led to an epic confrontation at the mall. A real American warrior thought he spotted a military impersonator wearing our nation's uniform. What happened next was very loud and it was all caught-on-tape.

Sergeant Ryan Berk served in Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart. He happened to be at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Pennsylvania shopping for bargains on Black Friday when he noticed something a little suspicious about a portly fellow in uniform.

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Berk confronted the man wearing the uniform, saying “I've worn that [expletive] uniform and I’ve had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing that [expletive] uniform.”

The man responded, “So have I.”

Berk proclaimed, “No you [expletive] haven't!”

Berk spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent. He declared, “I knew 100% that guy was a fake.”

Trent said, “You know when you see the guy exactly what he should be wearing and where it should be.”

“When something's off, it's pretty easy to tell,” said Berk.

In video of the confrontation, Berk asks the man, “Why is your flag so low on your shoulder? It should be up here.”

“Got me on that one, Bud.” replied the guy wearing the uniform.

He was wearing a name tag that said "Yetman" and introduced himself as Sean.

But the Army told INSIDE EDITION they have no record of a Sean Yetman ever serving.

It's not the first time Yetman has been accused of pretending to be someone he's not. In 2003, he pled guilty to impersonating a police officer!
Berk said, “He's full of [expletive] wearing a United States Army uniform. Claims to be a United States Army Ranger.”

Legitimate veterans everywhere are taking steps to expose alleged military imposters.  

One man in uniform had so many ribbons and medals on his uniform, he looked like America’s greatest hero! But two young Marines in civilian clothes were dubious.

One Marine pointed to a medal and asked “Which one's this? I've never seen that one before.”

The man replied, “That's a Bronze Star.”

The Marine declared, “No it's not.”

“Silver star.  This is Silver Star right here. I have a Bronze Star medal, too,” said the man in uniform.

When the Marines turned up the heat, the confrontation turned nasty.

The man in uniform said, “Let me tell you something. I'm 82nd airborne and I’m Special Forces.  So get the [expletive] out of my face.”

“If you were a sergeant major,” said one of the Marines “you wouldn't be backing down and walking away.”
So where could he have gotten all those medals? INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero went shopping and found that it's really easy to dress up like a soldier.

She said, “In just a few minutes online, I was able to buy everything I needed. And just a few days later, here I am in uniform with lots of ribbons and medals, right down to the shiny new name tag.”

So alleged military impersonators everywhere be warned.  The real heroes are out there, on the look-out for phonies!