New Video: Injured Comedian Tracy Morgan Needs A Walker

INSIDE EDITION reports on new video of Tracy Morgan, who is still struggling to recover from a car accident six months ago.

The video is almost too painful to watch. Tracy Morgan, famous for his energetic and manic personality, struggles to walk down the sidewalk.

He needs a walker, and has to concentrate on every step.

When the photographer asked how he was doing, Morgan's response was heartbreaking.

The photographer asked, "How is your recovery going?"

Morgan replied, "Fighting every day."

Six months ago the 30 Rock star was left clinging to life after a Walmart delivery truck slammed into his limo bus, killing one of his friends.

He suffered a broken leg, a broken nose, and broken ribs in the accident, as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Now, a simple trip to the post office near his home in New Jersey is a physical ordeal.

His fiancée, Megan, does her best to keep his spirits up. He's also accompanied by a nurse who helps him back into his car.

Tracy's friend, Cedric the Entertainer, spoke about his progress on the Today show.

A member of the Today show asked Cedric the Entertainer, "How is he doing?"

"Doing good man, as well as expected. He's progressing, he's moving around a little bit and just trying to fight his way back. He's a prideful person and strong willed. So Tracy will be back, better than ever," replied Cedric.