Does Mel Gibson Have Money Troubles?

On the audiotape released by his ex-girlfriend, Mel Gibson says he has run out of money. Is it possible the star who earns $24 million a movie is broke? INSIDE EDITION takes a look at Gibson's finances, included a multi-million dollar estate he rec

"I don't have any ___ money!"

There's more information about Mel Gibson's supposedly dire finances.

We've learned that Gibson sold a fabulous mansion just three weeks ago.  The price: $24 million.

That's a lot of money, but it's a lot less than he was originally asking.  The estate had been on the market for almost $40 million.

The tudor-style house, called Old Mill Farm, is in ritzy Greenwich, Connecticut.  It has 15 bedrooms, a library and a dining room to seat 14 in old-world splendor.  There are stained glass windows and a vaulted ceiling that would make Henry VIII proud.  The 75-acre grounds also come with horse stables and guest houses.  There are manicured gardens and just to complete the tudor theme, the house has its own maze.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent reports from outside the property.  In addition to being amazingly opulant, the mansion is also well-secured.  You have to be buzzed in through a security gate in order to get inside.  There are security cameras all around.  On top of a stone wall and decorative fence, there is what appears to be, and electrified chain link fence. 

In that shocking phone conversation with Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson also complains he's had to sell off his art work and his VIP Lakers luxury box to support her.

Gibson:  "I have to sell paintings! I have to sell my box at the Lakers game!"

One of those paintings is the classic Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish.  Gibson and his estranged Robyn auctioned it off for just over $5 million in May.  That came as a big loss because Robyn had paid more than $7 million for the painting four years ago.

Gibson made an estimated $800 million from The Passion of the Christ.  And in 2004 he was #1 on the Forbes list of the most powerful celebrities. 

So how much is he worth today?  INSIDE EDITION asked CNBC business news reporter Jane Wells.

Wells said, "Mel Gibson's worth has been estimated at anywhere between a half billion to a $1 billion. Nobody has come out with a confirmed number.  Of course he's going through the middle of a divorce right now and there was apparently no pre-nup, so his wife could conceivably get half that fortune."