'I Love Lucy' Lost Footage Surfaces For Holiday Special

INSIDE EDITION has the details on the lost I Love Lucy footage that is sure to make fans of the iconic show tune in for the upcoming Christmas special.

I Love Lucy is returning to prime time for the holidays.

The iconic show featuring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz will air on CBS as part of an I Love Lucy Christmas special.

Ken Ross, executive vice president of CBS home entertainment said, "We are giving them one of the most classic, and funniest episodes of all time."
Fans of the show are in for a special treat; never before seen footage of Lucy and Desi during their 1951 costume and makeup test.

Check Out Never Before Seen Footage From I Love Lucy

You can see Lucy twirling in her trademark polka dot dress, wearing a night gown, and smiling for the camera.

You can also see the couple in a very loving embrace, Desi planting a sweet kiss on Lucy's face.

The black and white series will be colorized with a vintage look to pay homage to the 1950's.

Ross said, "We thought that color was an interesting way to entice younger viewers, and we thought, what is more colorful than Christmas at the end of the day."

Viewers will also get to see the rarely seen "Christmas" episode, and the popular "Job Switching" episode where Lucy is seen stuffing her face with chocolates.

The I Love Lucy Christmas special airs this Sunday on CBS at 8 p.m.