Did Husband Kill His Two Wives?

A husband has been charged with the murder of his second wife and prosecutors are also investigating the death of his first wife. He claims they both died in accidents. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Is Harold Henthorn a tragically unlucky husband who lost two wives in deadly accidents, or a cold-blooded monster who murdered both women for millions in insurance money?

A reporter asked him outside court, "Did you push your wife?"

Harold Henthorn met his wife Toni, an ophthalmologist, on a Christian dating website. They were married just a few months later.  In 2012, while hiking Colorado’s Deer Mountain, Toni fell 140 feet to her death but investigators in Colorado were suspicious.

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INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Toni's brother, "Why do you think, early on, that Harold had killed your sister?"

He replied, "My parents live right up the street from me and he would tell them one thing and by the time he had walked down to our house, he would change his story to something else."

Police believe 50-year-old Toni was pushed to her death.   

Harold was the only witness to his wife's death on the remote mountain outside Denver. He was also the lone witness when his first wife was crushed to death in a bizarre accident 19 years ago.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sandra Lynn Henthorn was helping him change a tire when the jack slipped. She was crushed to death according to Harold Henthorn.

While it was ruled an accident, her friend, Mike Walters didn't buy the story.

Walters told INSIDE EDITION, “When I heard this story that she had crawled underneath the car on a jack, I just didn't believe it." 

It's a case that's getting national attention and is the cover story on the new People magazine.

It turns out that Harold collected $400,000 on his first wife's life insurance, and soon before wife number two died he insured her life for $4.5 million. 

Mike Walters says he called police right away.

He said, “When I heard through friends that Harold's wife had died through similar circumstances, hours and hours away from anyone else, very mysterious circumstances and so forth, candidly I immediately called the authorities."

Now, Harold awaits trial on charges he killed his second wife and an investigation into his first wife's death has been re-opened.

“Two wives die under those kind of circumstances with large insurance polices. I think there is enough smoke there to indicate to me there is fire,” Mike Walters said.

Harold Henthorn has pled not guilty.