Chimney Boy Speaks About Embarrassing Ordeal

The boy who got stuck in his chimney tells INSIDE EDITION about his wacky ordeal.

This boy triggered one of the wackiest rescues ever.

Now, we're hearing from 13-year-old Frederick Grine about his nutty plan to get into his Scottsdale, Arizona, home after he forgot his keys and wound up speaking these unforgettable words: "I'm stuck in a chimney!"

It started when Frederick climbed to the roof and went down the chimney, but the scheme quickly went up in smoke when he got to the bottom and couldn't get out.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian said, "Tell us what you were feeling in that moment you thought you were stuck."

Frederick said, "Embarrassed."

Luckily, Frederick had his cell phone, and while he was trapped, his sister Rachel called.

Fabian asked, "What was your sister's response when you said, 'Hey, sis, I'm stuck in a chimney?"

Frederick said, "'Oh my god!' And then she told me to call 911'," which he did.

Frederick told 911, "I'm stuck down a chimney!"

Rescuers raced to the scene. They snapped photos from inside the house up the chimney. You can see Frederick's back. You can also see the gap was way too narrow for him to fit through, so they used power tools to break through and get him out.

Fabian asked, "Did they say, 'Hey, man, what the heck are you doing in the chimney?'"

"No, they didn't say anything like that. They just got me out," he replied.

Frederick's now been grounded for his little escapade.

"I think it's safe to say you're not going to try to climb down the chimney again," said Fabian.

He answered, "Yeah, I'm not going to do it again."