Perfect Swimsuits For Any Woman

After Heidi Klum’s big splash in headlines for her teeny bikini, INSIDE EDITION has sexy swimsuits that fit a woman of any age.

Heidi Klum caused a stir when she was photographed on the beach in a teeny polka dot bikini. Some thought the 41-year-old mom of four was "too old" for such a revealing two-piece.

Linda Sassoon, President of Gottex Swimwear, told INSIDE EDITION, "She does have a great body, but I think there are nicer ways and more flattering ways she could have shown it off."

Sassoon showed us one-piece swimsuits that are still super-sexy and also perfect for a woman of any age.

Check Out the Sexy Swimsuits

She said, "You can absolutely be sexy in a one-piece. This gorgeous model is wearing a deep plunge. You've got a sexy neckline."

Looking at another swimsuit, Sassoon said, "You don't have to worry about getting too cheeky in this swimsuit. It's revealing, but still leaves something to the imagination."

So, no matter the age, there's a swimsuit that suits you.