Holiday Alert! Safety Chick's Tips To Protect Yourself From Attackers

INSIDE EDITION teamed up with The Safety Chick to show how everyday objects could protect you this holiday season from attackers.

It may have looked like INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander is playing hide and seek but it's not a game!

Kathleen Baty is the personal safety expert known as “The Safety Chick,” and she's showing how to use everyday things you see on the street to protect yourself this holiday season.

Watch Baty's Tips On How To Protect Yourself

Rule No. 1: Turn ordinary objects into obstacles.

She said, "If someone is trying to attack you, use an object on the street to dart behind so there's a barrier between you and him, buying yourself time to get out of the situation!”

Rule No. 2: Store windows make great rear-view mirrors.

"So, you've heard the saying, ‘Eyes in the back of your head,’ I can use this store window to see the street behind me, the guy in the gray sweatshirt, without turning around," she said.

Rule No. 3: Keep the attacker off-balance.

Baty said, 'If an attacker is coming toward you, walk off here and step off the curb. Take that moment while they're off balance to give them a palm-strike to the nose, knocking them back."

Rule No. 4: Throw whatever you're holding.

"If you happen to have hot coffee, throw it at your attacker! If you have change, throw it in their eyes! Anything that brings you time to get out of the situation,” she suggested.

Rule No.5: When you are in a parking garage, don’t unlock your car from far away.

Baty said, "If you have a remote key fob, you don't want to unlock your door too far away because a lot of times carjackers and attackers are there waiting on the other side and they can slip into your back seat without you even knowing."

And finally, rule No. 6: Always carry the right tools. These include pepper spray, a cell phone and a personal safety alarm.

She said, "If you feel there's an attacker coming at you and you want to draw attention to yourself. It has a flashlight on it and a 120-decibel alarm draws attention and hopefully gets you help."

Street smart tips for a happy and safe holiday season.