Angelina Jolie To The Rescue

Angelina Jolie came to the aid of a fan who was suffering a panic attack before she taped her appearance on The Daily Show. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was Angelina Jolie to the rescue as she arrived for a taping of The Daily Show. 

The gorgeous movie star was dressed in all white and jumped to the aid of a fan who suffered a panic attack outside the studio at The Daily Show on Thursday night.

Jolie told the crowd, “Move aside, get her out. Get her out. It’s ok, it’s ok. I have to see if she is ok.”

The woman, who was wearing a bear hat was seen being helped out of the crowd.

Jolie went over to comfort the woman, wiping away a tear and even posing for selfies.

The crowd said, “Angie is the best!” 

Sure she is!