Crazy For Kate! Royals Visit New York

The Royals have arrived in New York and everyone is clamoring to catch a glimpse of William and Kate. INSIDE EDITION is on the scene.

Crazy for Kate! The future Queen of England, now five months pregnant, is getting an ecstatic welcome in the United States.

Her first day in New York started as she left her hotel for Harlem, where she visited a child development center. She wore a loose fitting coat and a baby bump was noticeable.

Kate helped the children make picture frames. She also wrapped gifts, adding a hand-written note for one child and a festive bow to complete the package.

INSIDE EDITION asked one of the students, "Was she pretty?"

The student replied, "Yeah, she is pretty."

Kendra Britton from the development center said, "It was amazing. It was definitely amazing. She was so down to Earth, she was so nice."

Katie Zeff of the development center added, "She was a great wrapper. She was so kind, she talked to everyone that was around her."

As she left, there was an enchanting Princess Diana-style moment with Kate stopping to chat with one of the children who were waiting in the cold. They gave Kate a bouquet of roses.

Kate and William are staying at The Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side during their three-day visit. They picked the hotel because it was the favorite New York getaway for William’s mom, Princess Di, who was once photographed at the hotel in 1997.

Kate and William are staying in one of The Carlyle's $10,000-a-night Central Park Suites. They reportedly rejected the even-more-expensive Empire Suite to save British taxpayers money.

There is an ambulance on standby at all times just in case Kate, who has had a difficult pregnancy, suffers a medical emergency.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian spoke to the ladies of The Talk, who are in New York broadcasting their show all week.  He asked, "What is it with America and this obsession with the Royal family?"

Julie Chen replied, "We don't have Royalty in this country."

Sharon Osbourne interjected and said, "Yes you do! Kim and Kanye!"

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