Who Are The 'Furries'?

A convention of ‘Furries’ was interrupted by a chemical leak. Was it an accident or deliberate? And…who are the ‘Furries’? INSIDE EDITION reports.

An emergency evacuation at a hotel outside Chicago had an unusual twist. Many of the guests fleeing from a mysterious cloud of chlorine gas were dressed like animals! That's because they were taking part in a "Furry" convention.

That's right, grown people who call themselves "Furries.”

There was someone dressed as a tiger wearing a dress. Another person was dressed as a lion with his arms crossed, and the fox and the bear, conferring outside the hotel.

On Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski couldn't stop laughing while the story was being reported, she actually had to run off the set!

Furries are a strange sub-culture that's been around for about 30 years.

Psychologist Robi Ludwig told INSIDE EDITION, "There is a bizarre quality that I think gets people curious about them. There is a desire to escape their real life."

Thousands of Furries regularly attend conventions like the one in Chicago.and they've made their way into the popular culture. They have been seen on CSI and on Entourage.

Dr. Phil recently interviewed a young female Furry who let him check out her wolf head, he wasn't about to try it on!

A Furry told him, "It won't fit you."

Dr. Phil said, "That's not an issue! I was just seeing, it's like a helmet."

So, what was that chlorine gas situation all about? Cops have termed it a criminal act that
sent 19 people to the hospital. Could someone have a grudge against the Furries? Stay tuned.