The Most Romantic Proposal Ever

It was completely by chance that a photo was captured of a man proposing to his beloved on a mountain top. INSIDE EDITION has the incredible story.

Every picture tells a story, and the story behind this one will win your heart.

It begins with a guy named Alex Gensitskiy inviting his girlfriend, Katie Verkovod, to hike with him up in Oregon's beautiful Mount Hood National Forest. He had a special mission in mind.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Katie, "Did you have any idea that Alex was going to propose to you?"

Katie said, "I actually had no idea, wasn't expecting it at all."

Up they went, a 90-minute climb, to the top of Munra Point.

Katie said, "We get to the top, and he gives me a hug. It was the first time he said that he loved me. He got down on one knee and put a ring on my finger. We didn't bring our phones, so this wasn't captured in any way."

Well, that's what Katie thought.

Far below, an amateur photographer named Paul Wolfe happened to be hiking in the same forest. He looked up toward the peak just as Alex was getting down on one knee.

Wolfe told INSIDE EDITION, "I noticed on top of the peak the silhouettes of these two individuals in the throes of love. I fumbled with my iPhone and started snapping pictures."

Watch INSIDE EDITION's Interview with Alex, Katie and Paul

But who were these people? Wolfe had to find out. So he posted the photo on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit, and it went viral to the shock of the man who popped the question.

Trent asked Alex, "When did you realize that someone had snapped a picture of you guys?"

Alex said, "My friend calls me up and he's like, 'Dude, you have to look online, what's going on. It's crazy.'"

Katie was also shocked to learn that their once-in-a-lifetime moment was being immortalized online.

She said, "I was the last to find out. Someone posted it to my wall and they're like, 'Is that you and Alex?' I'm like, 'Oh man, that is.' It was a great surprise."

So, now there's a great picture to go with their love story, thanks to a quick-thinking photographer.

Wolfe said, "It was just a magic moment, caught on film."