Royals Take New York By Storm - Literally!

Wicked weather could not stop the Royals from paying their respects to the victims of 9/11 at New York's World Trade Center memorial. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on Will and Kate's visit to the Big Apple.

Duchess Kate and Prince William’s visit to the United States turned solemn when they visited the 9/11 museum on Tuesday.

They were clearly moved as they stood in front of the huge walls of victims' photos. They also examined a fire truck that was destroyed when the Twin Towers fell. Then, they signed the visitors' book.

Kate and William paid their respects by laying flowers. A hand-written card bore William’s crest and read: "In sorrowful memory of those who died on September 11th and in admiration of the courage shown to rebuild." It was signed William and Catherine.

The rain had been lashing down all morning at the memorial thanks to the nor'easter that's pounding the city, but Kate and William did their best to ignore the elements.

Things were a lot drier in Brooklyn on Monday night when Kate and William met Beyoncé and Jay Z at an NBA basketball game. The two moms reportedly compared notes on being young mothers. Then, Kate and William shared some popcorn with a fan sitting behind them courtside.

The Royals were featured on the kiss cam and didn't realize you're supposed to actually smooch! Instead, they smiled and waved.

LeBron James and other players wore "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts during warmup to protest a grand jury's decision not to indict a New York City cop in the death of Eric Garner.

After the game itself, King James presented the future King and Queen with souvenir basketball jerseys, one of them pint-sized for their year-old son, George.

But LeBron apparently committed a breach of Royal protocol as they all posed for photos. He put his arm around Kate.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville spoke to former CNN host Piers Morgan.

Norville said to Morgan, "Last night, LeBron James was introduced to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and he put his arm around her." 

Morgan replied, "You do not put your arm around the future Queen of England! LeBron, I don't care what kind of King you think you are, you do not touch the Royal family unless they offer their hand."

Hey, who knew? But Kate didn’t seem to mind.

Kate and William also visited The Empire State Building in the middle of the nor’easter.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander got a taste of conditions up there. She said, "You can't see a thing up there. It is so foggy out there that it would be a disappointment."

Wet or dry, they're still the toast of the town!