Couple Shoplift $180,000 Fur Coat

A brazen couple shoplifted a fur coat worth $180,000 and simply walked out of the store. How did it happen? INSIDE EDITION reports.

In a surveillance video, a distinguished-looking gent casually strolls into a high-end fashion store. Behind him, a smartly dressed blonde wearing a jacket with a fur collar. They sure look like they fit right in.

But, these two aren't shoppers. Cops say they are brazen bandits.

The gray-haired man took a full-length sable coat off the rack and stuffed it under his coat!

As other shoppers come by, his accomplice tries to shield him from view. She holds up a fur jacket as if to ask, "What do you think of this on me?"

Moments later they casually walk out of the store with the coat under his jacket. As for the coat, it's worth, get this, $180,000!

The heist happened at the J. Mendel store on Manhattan's chic Madison Avenue. Clients of the store include Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

The stolen sable isn't even the most expensive fur there. Some go for as much as $300,000.

Police say the same couple, using similar techniques, stole a fur worth $20,000 from another Madison Avenue store, Loro Piana, just a two blocks away, the previous week.  

Furrier Marc Kaufman showed INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney a sable coat similar to the one that was stolen.

See Kaufman's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

McInerney said to Kaufman, "Marc, you are going to show me exactly how you think they stole the coat."

Kaufman responded, "Very simple. They probably took the coat, turned around, rolled it into a ball, and then stuck it in his coat, and had a pocketbook covering it."

"And then walked right out of the store?" asked Diane McInerney.

"Correct," confrimed Kaufman.

McInerney watched the video with security expert Manny Gomez, a former FBI agent.

Gomez commented, "They know they are being videotaped, apparently they don't even care. Maybe they are not even from the United States, maybe they take these furs and sell them abroad, or they travel from city to city doing the same thing."

New York cops think these two may try to strike again during the Christmas shopping season. And now the blonde may be wearing a very expensive fur coat.