The Cop Who Saved Christmas

Pulled over by a cop, and given Christmas gifts? INSIDE EDITION has more on the cop who saved Christmas.

A traffic cop turns into Santa Claus before your very eyes.

The cop pulled a woman over for having illegally tinted windows.

After approaching the car, the cop casually asked the woman, "Got all your Christmas shopping done?"

The woman replied, "No, haven't even started. She wants, like, Lego friends. I don't know if you ever heard of those."

While the woman waited to be ticketed, the cop relayed the information to a team of "Elves" at a local store, who then bought that very item, and rushed it back to the scene!

That's right, instead of a ticket, she got a Christmas gift!

Watch the Amazing Video!

Officer Scott VanSolkema of Lowell, Michigan, is the Christmas cop. He spent two days giving away $7,000 worth of gifts to the people he stopped, paid for by the inspirational network known as UP TV.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander interviewed VanSolkema. She said, "This was quite the setup!"

VanSolkema replied, "Yes it was. I had my chief down the road spotting for any traffic violations, which were very minor traffic violations. But, we needed a legal reason to stop somebody."

Drivers wondered why it took VanSolkema so long to write a ticket, and were delighted by the stunning turnabout!

In the video, one woman asked, "Oh my God, can I hug you?"

One man couldn't believe he got stopped for having snow on his license plate!

Alexander interviewed the fellow, James Bowlin, about his the Christmas surprise.

Alexander asked,  "What was your reaction?"

Bowlin said, "I'm sitting there thinking, has my insurance lapsed? Am I going to jail?"

But Bowlin kept his cool, though he wondered why the cop asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

Bowlin told the cop, "I'm looking at like a new TV."

And minutes later, his Christmas wish was granted.

"Something like this?" said the cop, as he presented Bowlin with the new TV.

"Yeah, something like that," responded Bowlin in shock.

The cop said to Bowlin, "Open up your door, boss."

Bowlin asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, Merry Christmas!," answered the cop.

And that's what the holidays are all about.