Elevator Freakout Caught On Video

Being stuck in an elevator with your friend is no fun, but when you friend starts freaking out, it’s a whole other story. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Nick Nervick was trapped in an elevator. But there was more bad news to come. He was stuck with a guy who is just freaking out.

The voice on the intercom said, “Sir, calm down.”

The man who was freaking out responded, “Don't tell me to [expletive] calm down!”

Nervick said he and his friend were on their way to his buddy's apartment when the elevator ground to a halt between floors.

Nervick said in his cell phone video, “Help should be on the way.”

The man freaking out said, “Yeah, help on the way my [expletive]!”

His friend started losing it and started pounding on the doors.

Nervick remained calm and couldn't believe his friend's behavior. Then, a security guard called out a suggestion from the other side of the doors, “Okay sir, remain calm.”

The man freaking out said, “There's more chance of me breaking this door down than me being calm.”

Then, the man freaking out hit the alarm and kept his finger on the button. Nervick said, "This is minute five of the bell ringing and it's getting quite annoying."

Then, a woman from the front desk came on the intercom and told them to calm down. It had the opposite effect.

The nervous man shouted, “You want me to calm down? How about I calm you down, [expletive]!?”

Finally, after 90 minutes, they were rescued. Nervick posted the cell phone video on YouTube with the tongue-in-cheek headline "Stuck In An Elevator With A Crazy Person."

Nervick did learn one lesson from his ordeal, telling INSIDE EDITION,  “I’ll try and take the stairs as much as possible going forward.”