Bristol Palin's Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out

Bristol Palin's ex-boyfriend is speaking out about her recent engagement, and he says Levi Johnston has "nothing" going for him. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"What does Levi Johnston have going for him? Nothing," says Bristol Palin's recently-dumped boyfriend about her surprise engagement to Levi. And the ex is taking a direct swipe at Levi's brain power. "I don't understand how Bristol can go and spend her life with someone who can't get his GED."

20-year-old Ben Barber says he dated Bristol for five months this year, but she broke up with him right before she got back together with Levi. He spoke to Shushannah Walshe of The Daily Beast and co-author of Sarah From Alaska.

Walshe told INSIDE EDITION, "Ben was over at the Palins' house and they were talking about how Bristol and Levi were back together. They were definitely stunned. Both Track and Todd, who were home at the time, were very angry, Ben used the word 'furious'."

And Levi's sister Mercede told INSIDE EDITION that Levi was also dating other people before he got back together with Bristol.

"There was one girl who I adored. She was a very sweet girl that he was with for a while, and I remember him telling me that he broke it off with her because he was developing some pretty strong feelings with her and didn't want to get hurt like he did with Bristol," said Mercede.

Mercede tried to reach Levi during INSIDE EDITION's interview, but he didn't pick up. She says they used to be best friends, but he cut off all communication since he got back together with Bristol.

INSIDE EDITION also witnessed the heartache of Levi's mom, Sherry Johnston, over her grandson, Tripp. Sherry, who's on probation after a drug conviction, says she doesn't get to spend enough time with the adorable toddler and it hurts her that Tripp's other grandmother, Sarah Palin, has so much more access to him.

"Even after all the tears that I've shed and as much as I've spoken out, it isn't going to change. Levi's the one who's going to have to put his foot down and say 'My mother deserves the right to be in Tripp's life just as much as Sarah,' " Sherry said.