Come On Down! Hunky Male Model Joins Price Is Right

The Price Is Right has a hunky new male model and INSIDE EDITION caught up with him behind-the-scenes.

Meet the newest male model on The Price Is Right.

We went behind-the-scenes with the 30-year-old shirtless hunk from Australia on his first day on the job, and the ladies in the audience were loving him.

He looked perfectly at ease wearing swimtrunks while showing off a hot tub, but James admits he was actually suffering from a case of first day jitters.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Day one was definitely pretty overwhelming. I mean, I just had to keep on taking deep breaths and process what was going on."

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The buffed beefcake beat out hundreds of other good looking guys who stripped down when they auditioned for the role back in August. Producers then whittled the list down to three and viewers voted.

So, how did he land the highly coveted position?

He said, "I think definitely the accent helped, but I hope that wasn't the only thing."

James replaces Rob Wilson, the game show's first male model ever, who gave him some advice.

James said, "He gave me some great pointers actually. His main thing was to have fun. To be yourself."