Game Changer? Famed Supermodel Beverly Johnson Claims Bill Cosby Drugged Her

INSIDE EDITION spoke with famed supermodel Beverly Johnson about her claims that Bill Cosby drugged her.

Famed supermodel Beverly Johnson relived the day she says Bill Cosby attempted to sexually assault her after slipping her a spiked cappuccino.

She told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret, “Instantly, I felt something very strange. I took another sip and then I knew, I knew that I had been drugged. It was that powerful.”

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Johnson, the legendary first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue, is the latest in a string of women leveling similar charges against Cosby.

She told Moret she met Cosby when she and her then seven-year-old daughter visited the set of The Cosby Show.

“That gave me so many brownie points with my daughter because kids, adults, white, black, everyone loved Bill Cosby,” she said to Moret.

Johnson says she was thrilled when Cosby invited her to the New York brownstone he owned at the time to audition for a guest role on his show in 1986. She says that's when he insisted she have a cappuccino.

She said, “He gave it to me and I took a sip. It was like a train was coming and I could actually feel myself very woozy, the room was spinning.”

Johnson says Cosby then put his hands on her waist. But she still had the capacity to resist and cursed him out. Telling him, "You are a [expletive], aren't you?," she told him.

She told Moret, “I just looked at him as I felt this drug racing through my body and I was determined to let him know that I knew that he had drugged me. I knew I was going to be unconscious soon.”

Johnson says Cosby finally gave up and yanked her by the arm to get her out of his house.

“I realized we were outside standing in front of the brownstone and he had me by one arm and was hailing a taxi with the other. And I was kind of teetering around there and the taxi came and he threw me in the taxi and I passed out. And the next thing I remember waking up in my apartment,” she said.

Moret asked her, “Beverly, why come forward now?”

She replied, "I looked at these courageous women on television and I said, 'I have to say something.' The other was Janice Dickinson, who is a friend of mine, and I saw how she was being vilified in the press and I wanted to stand with these women."

Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson were two of the most famous faces in the 80’s.

Dickinson's account of being sexually assaulted by Cosby has met with some skepticism because of her over-the-top TV appearances in recent days.

Now, with Johnson going public, many believe the scandal has reached the tipping point.

Legal analyst Royal Oakes told INSIDE EDITION, "This allegation is a game changer. With someone with this kind of reputation to come forward and lay it on the line and say, 'Yes, Bill Cosby did this.' This kind of thing is the ring of credibility."

Cosby had no comment on Johnson’s accusations but has previously denied the charges being leveled against him.