Friends Of Alleged UVA Rape Victim Break Their Silence

Two friends of the UVA woman who claims she was gang raped at a frat house are coming forward saying Rolling Stone magazine got it wrong. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Alex Stock, a student at the University of Virginia, saw the alleged victim of a frat house gang rape only minutes after she said it happened.

The young woman, known only as "Jackie," told Rolling Stone that three friends came to her aid after she escaped the fraternity, her dress "spattered with blood."

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One of those friends was Alex Stock. He was referred to as "Andy" in the now discredited article.

Stock told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "It said that she was all bloody, and I don't recall that. It's possible she had some minor injuries. If it was some sort of blood bath, I'm sure that would have stuck out in my memory."

That's just one detail of the horrific attack described in Rolling Stone that Stock says doesn't match up with what he saw and heard that night.

Jackie told Rolling Stone she was gang raped by seven men, but Stock says Jackie told them she was forced to perform oral sex on five men.

Rolling Stone also reported that, "Jackie's three friends launched in to a heated discussion about the social price of reporting Jackie's rape," with Stock voting against bringing Jackie to the hospital because, "He planned to rush fraternities."

Trent asked Stock, "Is that true?"

Stock responded, "No, absolutely not. We wanted her to call 911, or go the police, or the hospital. And then she wouldn't, and we took her back to her room."

Stock says he's now also questioning what Jackie told Rolling Stone about University official's indifference when she told them she had been raped.

"She portrays us, obviously, as cold and uncaring. She also portrays the people at the University as cold and uncaring. I just can't believe they would write somebody off who came in and said they had been gang raped," concluded Stock.

Stock says he wonders whether Jackie made up the story because she wanted attention from another UVA student named Ryan Duffin, who also came to her aid that night. Stock claims Jackie had a crush on Duffin.

"She was very attracted to Ryan, and so some people had kind of theorized that she wanted to make Ryan jealous," said Stock.

Stock agrees that Jackie fell into a depressive state in the months after the alleged frat house assault.

Stock said, "She did sort of slip into that depression. She did seem very upset."

Trent asked Stock, "What does your gut tell you, do you think your friend Jackie was raped?"

"There are definitely some questions. Do I want to say the entire thing was fabricated? I don't think I have enough evidence one way or another to make a final determination," concluded Stock.