Add Chickenpox To Angelina Jolie's Tough Month

Awards snubs, studio drama, and now chickenpox! Angelina Jolie will miss the premiere of her new film, Unbroken in what’s becoming a very rough month for the stunning star. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Talk about bad timing! Angelina Jolie says she's going to miss the premiere of her movie, Unbroken, because she has the chickenpox.

She posted a video online to explain her absence where she said, “I found out last night that I have chickenpox. I just wanted to be clear and honest about why I’ll be missing the Unbroken events in the next few days."

Some have expressed skepticism about whether she really is sick, but a rash and red bumps that are the main symptoms of chickenpox could be seen in the video she posted.

ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said chickenpox can be very serious for an adult.

Dr. Besser told INSIDE EDITION, “Chickenpox can be much more serious if you get it as an adult. It's more likely to be a severe case and more likely to have a complication like pneumonia.”    

And remember that icy glare Jolie gave Sony honcho Amy Pascal at a Hollywood event last week? It was their first encounter since Jolie was called a "minimally talented...spoiled brat" in an exchange of emails between Pascal and producer Scott Rudin.

Now, some are wondering, was Jolie contagious with chickenpox during that eyeball-to-eyeball encounter?  

Dr. Besser said, “The main way chickenpox is spread is through the air. A cough, a sneeze. It can hang in the air and 90 percent of the people who come in contact with it, if they haven't had it before, they will come down with chickenpox.”
Attending the same event, which was The Hollywood Reporter Women In Entertainment Breakfast, were such famous personalities as Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa, comedian Sarah Silverman and Shonda Rhimes, creator of ABC’s Scandal.   

And more embarrassing emails are coming to light. An email sent by Amy Pascal calls an upcoming action movie starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone "ridiculous."

"It never, not even once, ever works...the script is ridiculous and we all know it," she wrote.

Another leaked email has George Clooney expressing embarrassment over the bad reviews of his movie The Monuments Men. He wrote to Pascal: “I fear I’ve let you all down. Not my intention. I apologize. I've just lost touch. Who knew? Sorry.”

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