How A Texas Plumber's Truck Ended Up In The Hands Of ISIS

A Texas plumber was more than shocked to see that his old pickup truck had ended up half way around the world in the hands of terrorists. INSIDE EDITION has his story.

A photo is making life miserable for a plumber from Texas. It shows terrorists in Syria firing a machine gun mounted on the back of a pickup truck.

But check out the writing on the side: "Mark-1 Plumbing," with a Texas phone number!

The Ford truck was once owned by Mark Oberholtzer, who runs a plumbing business outside Houston.

Somehow, the vehicle is now in the hands of ISIS terrorists!

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander caught up with Oberholtzer.

"What was your reaction when you saw your truck in the hands of terrorists?" asked Alexander.

"I was shocked, I couldn't believe it," responded Oberholtzer.

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Mark the plumber says he sold his truck to a dealer four years ago with the writing still on the side. The vehicle was then sold at an auction in Odessa, Texas. What happened to it next is now the subject of an international mystery.

The photo of Oberholtzer's truck has gone viral.

Alexander asked Oberholtzer, "Is it true you are getting death threats?"

Oberholtzer replied, "Yes, people are faxing and calling. We had to shut down the business yesterday because we had over 1,000 calls."

Oberholtzer told INSIDE EDITION that Homeland Security officials just visited him and took away the paperwork for the sale of the truck.

"Do you have any idea how your truck end up in Syria?" asked Alexander.

"No idea, no earthly idea. I couldn't find Syria on a map," concluded Oberholtzer.