'Oh God, It's Mom!' Battling Brothers Scolded On Live TV

A political battle between two opposing brothers on live TV took a surprising turn when their mom called in to scold them. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the family.

What's worse than being yelled at by your mother? Being yelled out by your mom on live TV when she calls to break up a fight between you and your brother! Talk about embarrassing!

The matriarch said, "I’m your mother, and I disagree that all families are like ours! I’m hoping you'll have this out of your system when you come here for Christmas!"

Joy Woodhouse does not regret the way she disrupted Steve Scully's C-Span show on Tuesday when her sons Brad and Dallas got into a heated argument over politics.

Scully asked Joy, "What's it like to raise these two boys?"

She replied, "It hasn't been easy!"

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Dallas Woodhouse is taking mom's scolding like a good boy. He told INSIDE EDITION, "Look, I am the man of a lot of words. She actually silenced me and made me speechless!"

Brad and Dallas have been fighting each other for years. Five years ago they fought on CNN.

Two brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but INSIDE EDITION just had to ask mom, "Who is your favorite son?'

She replied, "They are very different. They are both good to me and I love them both!"

Spoken like a true mom!