Shopper Stages Fake Heart Attack To Shoplift Barbie Car

Police say a Walmart shopper faked a heart attack so his shoplifting buddy could steal a Barbie car. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

He's having a heart attack! Right in the middle of Walmart! Well, not exactly.

Cops say the guy sprawled out on the floor, clutching his chest, was just creating a distraction so his buddy could steal a shopping cart full of Christmas gifts.

Watch the Shocking Video

So, what was in the big box the two men took? A Barbie car!

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke with security expert Harry Houck about the incident as they watched the surveillance footage.

McInerney said, "It looks like he's putting on quite a performance here."

"Yeah, this guy should win an Academy Award for that performance," said Houck

The surveillance video starts with the two guys walking into the store in Central Florida. Then, cops say, they loaded the cart with: a motorized Barbie power wheels toy, a Barbie glam vacation house, and a Leap Frog tablet, a kind of iPad for kids.

The total value? $369.94.

One of the men headed towards the exit with the cart full of toys. That's when his buddy hit the deck, clutching his chest.

Bystanders could be seen trying to help.

With the distraction, there went the other guy, walking right out of the store with all the stolen goods.

Back inside the store, it's a miracle! The "Heart attack" victim arises, still clutching his chest and grimacing as he leaves the store.

Houck told McInerney stores can be easy targets for scams like this during the holiday shopping season.

"Some stores might bring more security in, but when the stores are very, very crowded they are very vulnerable," said Houck.

Cops say the fake heart attack dude is 27-year-old Genard Dupree, and he has a long rap sheet. So does his buddy, identified as Tarus Scott.

Too bad the toy makers don't sell a Barbie get-away car!