Police Visit Rehab Center Where Lindsay Lohan is Seeking Recovery

INSIDE EDITION reports on Lindsay Lohan's last day before she goes to jail to serve her 90 day sentence. 

More drama for Lindsay Lohan!  Cops showed up at the rehab facility where she is now staying.  Four uniformed officers were seen entering the sober living house early Sunday morning and left a short time later.

Lindsay's mom, Dina, also visited her daughter during her final days of freedom before she surrenders to jail Tuesday morning.

Dina had this message for Lindsay's fans: "Pray for her."

Lindsay made it quite clear that there's one person she doesn't want to see, her estranged father, Michael Lohan.

"I don't want Michael Lohan Sr. anywhere near me, no matter where I am." the actress tweeted from rehab.

She called Michael Lohan her "ex-father" and wrote "he is crazy and scares me."

The troubled starlet also spent time with her new lawyer, famed defense attorney, Robert Shapiro.

"I have agreed to represent Ms. Lohan on the condition she comply with the terms of probation" Shapiro confirmed in a statement, "including a requirement of jail."  

According to a new report, Lindsay is still in "obsessive denial" about going behind bars tomorrow. "Lindsay is convinced there is still a way she can avoid jail."

New never before seen photos of Lindsay posing provocatively in a bustier and black stockings have just been uncovered.  The actress donned thigh high fringe boots at the shoot with Markus and Indrani of Bravo's show Double Exposure.  One last super sexy look at Lindsay before she starts wearing a prison jumpsuit.