Where We Found 'The Interview's Seth Rogen Today

INSIDE EDITION has reaction over The Interview being pulled from theaters, causing some to say America lost its first cyber war.

It was America’s first cyber war and we lost. That's the verdict in the wake of Sony’s cancelation of The Interview.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with funnyman Seth Rogen and he looked absolutely miserable after landing in Los Angeles with bodyguards and carrying his little dog after a flight from New York.  

Our reporter asked, “Seth, what's your reaction to Sony canceling the movie? Seth, any comment?”

All across America, reaction to Sony’s decision is one of shock and disbelief.  

Jimmy Kimmel said, “Allowing a ruthless dictator of another country to decide what American people can and cannot see in our own country is against everything we are supposed to stand for, right? People died for our rights.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich didn't hold back on CNN, saying, “Are we prepared to relax and allow a foreign dictatorship to intimidate us in our own country and force us to change behavior?”

And ABC's Dan Abrams could hardly believe it, saying, “Wow! Think about what we've just seen here!”

Major celebrities are expressing outrage.

Rob Lowe tweeted: “Wow! Everybody caved. The hackers won.”

Steve Carell said, "Hard to believe this is a response to a threat to freedom of expression.”

Donald Trump took to his Facebook page and said, “Sony has absolutely no courage or guts. They should never have pulled it.”

Ironically, Sony is releasing Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, a movie about the courage of Americans in the face of a cruel enemy.

Rebecca Ford of The Hollywood Reporter told INSIDE EDITION, "Hollywood is shocked. They have never seen anything like this before. The impact is going to be felt throughout all of the studios, it is not just Sony that is suffering."

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An INSIDE EDITION online poll shows 78% of viewers saying the decision to scrap the movie is wrong.

But some experts say Sony had no choice.

Tom Giles of Bloomberg told INSIDE EDITION, "You never know, something could happen. You don't want to be the studio that is responsible for putting this movie out there, looking to make a return on your investment at the price of the security of your film-going audience."

So we won't be seeing The Interview at any of our local theaters, but in the midst of these chaotic developments there's one question that hasn't been answered, is the movie any good?

Critics who have seen it have mixed reaction. Time magazine calls it "infantile," Variety says it's "as funny as a food shortage" but the New York Daily News gave it three stars: "Lighten up, world: Interview is funny."

Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes told INSIDE EDITION, "There were a lot of laughs in the screening that I went to. People were laughing at a lot of parts of this movie. It is a pretty solid film."

And we're learning more about the hackers who are believed to be an elite squad of North Korean cyber warriors known as “Bureau 121."

The FBI traced how they hacked the Sony computers from a command and control center in North Korea. They used computers in a convention center in Singapore and a university in Thailand, then routed their attack through servers Bolivia.
Jimmy Kimmel summed up the whole crazy mess over The Interview and joked, “Ironically the only way we'll see the movie is to hack into Sony."