The View's Sherri Shepherd Faces Bitter Divorce

Sherri Shepherd's bitter divorce continues to heat up as she testified in court over racy photos of her husband with another woman.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Sherri Shepherd's divorce is getting nasty. The View co-host now says when her preemie was in intensive care, she found photos of her husband having sex with another woman.

Sherri's son, Jeffrey, was born prematurely in 2005, weighing just one pound ten ounces. The new mom, terrified for her baby's life, spent all her time at the neonatal intensive care unit. She just took the stand to testify in her bitter divorce case saying that she came home one day and found her husband's sex photos.

"I'm not getting the husband of the year award."

Earlier this year INSIDE EDITION spoke to Sherri's soon-to-be ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley, who cuddled Sherri's baby bump in happier times. He acknowledged cheating on Sherri but said he was upset about his ex bashing him in public.

"It's not even politicians and celebrities who think they can get away with it, it's regular talk show co-hosts's ex-husbands who think they can go out and cheat and get away with it," Shepherd said on The View.

Tarpley said, "I'm all of a sudden associated with Tiger and his 20 mistresses. I'm associated with Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards.  I had a bad marriage that didn't work out like a lot of people in America.  I made mistakes, she's made mistakes. "