Elves Are Watching! Dad Reveals Secret Elfin Magic

Parents convinced their children that elves are real with an adorable video that quickly went viral. INSIDE EDITION has their story.

Do you believe that Christmas Elves come to life when children are sleeping? You might, after you see one clever video.

One mom seemed to be having a hard time convincing her kids until they saw the amazing video of an elf dancing on their bed, and flying from child to child as they slept!

In the video, she said, "Last night, when y'all fell asleep, we set up the camera to see if we could catch Elf flying around the house. And guess what? We caught him!"

The boy watching the video declared, "He landed on me!"

Bobby Wilson’s children, Sky and Fabian, shared their amazing adventure with us.

Fabian told INSIDE EDITION, "He was dancing all around us."

The video's gone viral, and so has a holiday message all parents want their children to heed, “You better be good, 'cause you know he's watching,” Bobby told his children in the video.

Bobby then reciprocated that sentiment to INSIDE EDITION, saying, "You never know!"