Caught On Bodycam - Cop Saves Boy From Choking

INSIDE EDITION has the heartwarming story of an off-duty police officer who jumped into action to save a little boy who was choking on a piece of candy.

Dramatic police bodycam video showed a cop trying to save a little boy who was choking on a piece of candy.

The boy's desperate parents can be seen on surveillance video racing him into a convenience store in Mesquite, Nevada.  

Three-year-old Damian Valencia couldn't breathe. Stuck in his throat was a jawbreaker candy that he had gotten at a birthday party. In the video, Damian's father can be seen bending over him as his panicked mother screams for help.  

The cashier quickly dialed 911.

Cashier: “This lady just came in with a child.”
911 Operator: “Is he choking?”
Cashier: “Yes, he's choking.”

Just seconds later, Officer Quinn Averett could be seen rushing into the store. He's a K-9 cop, and was off duty, but was less than a block away when the call came in.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "In the parking lot as I exited my vehicle, I could hear screaming that 'My son is choking."

The officer rushed to Damian and his dad and puts the little boy upside down over his knee to pound on his back.

It turns out the cop had just been issued a body camera, part of the move to issue them to police across the country following the uproar in Ferguson, Missouri. The camera was actually turned off, but somehow turned on and the camera recorded this heart-stopping moment.

Officer Averett told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't know if he hit it with his arm or leg, I am not sure. When he hit it, he actually activated it by sliding it down."

The cop said, “All right!” as the candy finally pops out. Damian could only cry. 

The little boy is now okay and just a few days ago paid a visit to the police station to thank the cop who saved his life.