They Lost Half Their Size!

People magazine is detailing the inspiring story of how some folks lost half of their body weight. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Can you believe one skinny woman used to wear extra-large jeans.  

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I'm Conner Rensch and I went from a size 24 to a size four.”

At her heaviest she weighed 271 pounds and ate three large bowls of creamy pasta for dinner every night. Now, she's a svelte 141 pounds, half the size she used to be.

She said, “It took me a year and about seven or eight months."

So, how did she lose the weight? She stopped eating processed foods and started working out!

Now, Conner is on the cover of People magazine's special double issue "Half Their Size."  She’s just one of the inspiring weight loss stories of people who have lost nearly half their body weight. 

Zoe Ruderman, features editor of People told INSIDE EDITION, "There are no fad diets, it is just hard work."

It's hard to believe Mark Bryant ever wore a large suit!  But he did when he tipped the scales at 442 pounds. He packed on the pounds by consuming 8,000 calories a day.  His favorite indulgence was a huge plate of nachos.

He's traded in those fat-laden-foods for much healthier options.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Go with egg whites in stead of the whole egg. Go with a lean meat and just load it full of vegetables."

Now, he is a slim 178 pounds. Two people who lost half their body weight by changing the way they eat.

They said, "We went from ice cream and cookies to broccoli and cottage cheese."

Watch Bryant and Conner's Interview with INSIDE EDITION