Primate Paramedic! Monkey Saves His Buddy's Life

After a video of a monkey saving another monkey went viral, INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some other animals behaving like human moments.

A new video showing a hero monkey saving his buddy's life has gone viral! The monkey behaves just like a human would.

It all began when his pal was electrocuted while climbing on power lines near railroad tracks in India. The unconscious monkey looked like he was done for, but his buddy shook him, bit him on the head, and dunked him in water. For 20 minutes he tried to revive him like a monkey paramedic and it worked.

The stricken monkey came back to life. He was dazed but alive. His hero even gave him a reassuring pat on the back. What a pal!

We've seen it before, animals behaving just like us. Like a monkey doing the dishes with her baby on her back.

Jarod Miller, the host of the syndicated TV show Animal Exploration, spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the clip.

"Just like an American mom she's multitasking. She has her baby on her back, she's doing the dishes," said Miller.

We found amazing examples on YouTube of animals acting just like you and me.  One cat has learned how to eat off a fork and another cat stands on two legs. She can stand there for a very long time. 

Miller said, "This cat is very interested in something in that window. He probably sees a bird or something that's really caught his attention."

Then there's the chimp who has picked up a nasty habit. She smokes cigarette after cigarette.

Dogs have been rancher's best friends forever, rounding up sheep and other livestock, but one dog goes above and beyond. He helps feed sheep who have been orphaned with a bottle. 

But get this, we also found animals acting mean to each other just like people and for no apparent reason. One cat pushes his brother down the steps.

From furry foes to life saving buds. Animals aren't so different from us after all.