Former Co-Star Joins Ranks Of Bill Cosby Accusers

Another woman is coming forward saying that she was abused by Bill Cosby. This time, it is a former flame of Sammy Davis, Jr. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

She co-starred in an episode of The Bill Cosby Show. Now, actress Katherine McKee is joining the ever-growing ranks of Cosby's accusers.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "He took me against my will."

Katherine McKee appeared on Cosby's TV show in 1971 playing a young woman he meets at a party. At the time she appeared on the TV show, Katherine says she had been Sammy Davis Jr.'s mistress for several years.

Katherine says she was with Sammy in Detroit in 1973 while he was on tour. Their buddy, Cosby, was also in town and invited her to his hotel room, she says. He asked her to bring some ribs along the way.

Katherine told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I entered the suite, Bill takes the barbeque and food from me, shuts the door. He is in his robe and his cap, pulls me to him, spins me around and takes me very, very quickly."

Moret asked, "Did Bill Cosby drug you?"

She replied, "No, he didn't drug me. He definitely raped me."

Katherine says she crossed paths with Cosby several times after the incident.

She said, "He avoided me and sort of ignored me and was extremely cold and aloof towards me."

Katherine, now 65, says she never told Sammy or anyone else what happened. Katherine is the 25th woman to come forward accusing Cosby.

She says Cosby's wife, Camille, is in denial as she defends her embattled husband.

"Come on! Wake up and smell the coffee! Pull your head out the sand! Face this and step up and speak for the women," Katherine said.

Cosby's lawyer has released a blanket statement discounting all of the allegations.