Motorist Tapes Terrifying Road Rage

A normal drive turned into the Highway to Hell for two women being chased by one very angry driver. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A terrifying road rage was caught on cell phone video that has to be seen to believe.

Two young women fled from an enraged female driver who chased them down a busy interstate and turned it into a highway from Hell.

In the video, one of the women say, “She's pushing us off the road!  She's pushing us off the road! She's coming for us!  Put it in reverse! Put it in reverse!”

Vanessa Gladieux was driving and her friend, Delanie, shot the video as they attempted to escape from the woman driver in the gray pickup truck who chased them for miles down California’s Interstate 80.   

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian asked Vanessa, “How scared were you for your safety? For your life?”

“Extremely. Extremely scared,” she replied.

They say it all started after the pickup truck cut them off twice and they made a rude gesture to the driver.

Vanessa told INSIDE EDITION, “As we passed her, she had her hands and face outside the window, screaming at us.”

The driver began chasing them and sped up to get ahead and force them off the road. At one point, she actually forced them to stop and began pounding on the window as the women called 911.

In the video, one of the women frightened in the car said, “She's saying she's a cop, knocking on our window, saying she's a cop.”  

Vanessa told INSIDE EDITION, “We locked all our windows and doors. At that point I’m crying, I’m freaking out.”

The terrified women took off and the driver chased them at high speed.

Finally, the driver actually rammed them! The driver ran toward them again and waved her arms like something out of a horror movie as the women took off as fast as they could.

They were sobbing when they finally reached a police officer, bringing their nightmare came to an end.

Cops arrested the enraged driver, identified as 50-year-old Deidré Orozco. It turns out she'd been released from jail the day before charged in another road rage incident.  

“Definitely be careful next time, you never know who you're provoking on the road.  You never know,” Vanessa told INSIDE EDITION.

The woman is facing a number of charges including wreckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon.