On Same Name Mission, Media Producer Wants To Meet Everyone In The World With His Name

A man named Seth Cohen is on a mission to meet every other person named Seth Cohen. INSIDE EDITION was there as he met four of them.

INSIDE EDITOIN was there as a guy named Seth Cohen met another guy named Seth Cohen. And another guy named Seth Cohen. And yet, another guy named, yep, Seth Cohen!

Coincidence? Far from it!

Seth Cohen is a media producer from New York City on a bizarre mission. He told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm attempting to meet every Seth Cohen in the world."

So far, he's met about a dozen Seth Cohens, but he's got a long way to go, as there are an estimated 300 Seth Cohens across the United States alone!

Cohen said, "There are Seth Cohens everywhere."

Just one question, Seth--why?

"I've always wanted to go on some crazy, epic journey," he replied.

His fellow Seth Cohens think it's a great idea.

So, Seth Cohen and three of his namesakes went out for a bite together, and they had a great time, until it was time to split the bill and everyone claimed the check with Seth Cohen's name on it.