Robin Williams' Last Act Of Generosity: Helping Teen Land Prom Date

Skyler Gisondo and his high school prom date have fond memories of the late Robin Williams, who helped make their prom happen with a little help from Ben Stiller. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

In one of the last videos of the late Robin Williams, Williams, along with Ben Stiller, helps a teen ask a girl to the prom.

Williams looks into the camera and said, "Hillari, will you go the prom with my man, Skyler?"

The dude in the middle is Skyler Gisondo. He actually plays Stiller's son in the third Night at the Museum movie.

Gisondo, who attends high school in Los Angeles, was on location in Canada so he couldn't ask his sweetheart in person. So, Williams and Stiller, and even Crystal the monkey, stepped in, making this video plea.

Who could say no to this video? Of course 18-year-old Hillari Levine said 'yes.'

Levine told INSIDE EDITION, "When they walked into the scene, I don't think I've ever opened my eyes so wide and I've never smiled so big in my entire life."

And get this--Ben Stiller even sprung for the limo.

"I'm just like, I'm in a limo paid for by Ben Stiller," said Levine.

The video was one final good deed from the always generous Robin Williams. And Hillari is forever grateful he and Stiller helped give her boyfriend the courage he needed to ask her to the prom.

Levine said, "It was completely unforgettable and it's going to stick in my mind forever."