Jilted Bride Gets Her Revenge

When Shelby Swink's fiancé called off their wedding she decided she wouldn't let it get her down, so she held a trash the dress party instead. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Not your typical bridal photo shoot, is it?

The "bride" is Shelby Swink and she has asked her bridesmaids to spray her beautiful wedding  gown with paint.

Why would she do such a thing? Shelby says her fiancé called off the wedding just five days before the big day when he told her he didn't love her.

She told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "I had to tell everybody and I got together with my friends and I was like look, I don't want anybody tip toeing around me. We're going to take this head on because I don't want a pity party."

Alexander told Swink, "A lot of girls would think their life would be over if their fiancé said this to them."

Swink responded, "I'm just not one to let life trample over me. If something bad happens I take it head on and I move on and find the best way to deal with it."

On the day the wedding was supposed to take place, 23-year-old Swink decided to hold a trash the dress party instead.

She said, "I was very nervous at first before the paint started throwing and then once it did I was kind of like, this is awesome. This is why I'm here. We're doing it. This is great."

The bridesmaids all joined in, destroying their dresses too! Even her parents participated.

Her dress now sits on display at a local bridal shop in Memphis to raise money for charity.

She says she doesn't hold any ill will to her ex-fiancé. Actually, she's says, she's kinda  thankful it happened, telling Alexander, "I'm thankful to him for doing it when he did even though it was super late. It would have been way worse if it was two years and two kids down the road. so I'm grateful for that.

All Photos By Elizabeth Hoard Photography