Does Kate Gosselin Have A New Millionaire Boyfriend?

2015 is going to be a busy year for Kate Gosselin. INSIDE EDITION has a look at the year ahead for the reality star.

Does Kate Gosselin have a new fella? He is 51-year-old internet millionaire Jeff Prescott and he is from Tennessee.

Kate has been linked to her longtime bodyguard, Steve Neild, rumors she has long denied. He was with her when she appeared at a promotional event for Celebrity Apprentice in which she is one of the contestants.

Gosselin told INSIDE EDITION, "Donald [Trump] has been trying to get me here forever. It is a long time to take away from my kids. I can't wait, I can't wait to dig in and just work. I'm ready."

Prescott knows what it means to be a dad. He is a divorced father of three. Kate, as we all know, has eight children.

In addition to Celebrity Apprentice, which starts Sunday, her TLC show: Kate Plus Eight premieres January 13.

It sure sounds like a busy year ahead for Kate. Now, she's got a nice guy to share it with.