Rapping Reporter Warms Up With 'Alphabet Aerobics'

Kim Powell raps 'The Alphabet Aerobics' before she goes on air, and gives INSIDE EDITION a sample of her warm ups.

She sure can rap.

Before she goes on air, TV reporter Kim Powell warms up with her mind-blowing rap.

The fast-paced lyrics include, "Eating other editors with each and every energetic epileptic episode, elevated etiquette."

"Universal, unique untouched, unadulterated, the raw uncut."

The song she raps is "The Alphabet Aerobics," a hit by the group Blackalicious from 1999.

Not long ago, actor Daniel Radcliff rapped "The Alphabet Aerobics" with Jimmy Fallon.

Powell says she uses the same rap to loosen up before she does her live shots for her station in Midland, Texas.

Powell told INSIDE EDITION, "I kind of just started memorizing rap songs because I thought it would help me enunciate better."

And she has other raps in her repertoire.

Check out Powell's Rapping Skills