Did Idina Menzel's Voice Freeze When Singing 'Frozen' In Bitter Weather?

Idina Menzel hit a sour note singing her hit song 'Let It Go' on New Year's Rockin' Eve, while Taylor Swift warmed up thanks to Ryan Seacrest. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Idina Menzel was belting out "Let It Go" live in Times Square on TV's New Year's Rockin' Eve when her voice cracked. Ouch!

Like a true pro, Menzel wasn't fazed, but the Twitterverse just won't let it go.

"That last high note...Woof!" posted one armchair critic.

"Idina Menzel totally butchers the song," wrote another.

And: "That wasn't @idinamenzel singing. That was her evil twin!"

But Menzel is now hitting back at critics, tweeting a quote that she gave in a recent magazine interview: "I am more than the notes I hit. You can't get it right all the time." 

She may have struggled with the hit song because she was, well, frozen. Shortly before her performance she posted a video online, saying, "I hope the snow doesn't choke me in the middle of my song."

Throat specialist Dr. Linda Dahl told INSIDE EDITION, "In order to create a note that's that high, you really have to stretch your vocal chords, and the conditions that she attempted to sing in were pretty difficult. I don't think anybody could have done that."

It sure was cold out there. Ryan Seacrest showed that even in 2015 chivalry is not dead when he asked Taylor Swift, "Aren't you freezing?"

"I'm totally freezing. This was the wrong choice," said Swift.

Swift was shivering in an outfit with bare midriff when Ryan Seacrest took off his own overcoat for her to wear.

"Oh my God, that's, what you're doing! You're so nice," said Swift.

Swift may have been cold on New Year's Eve, but she showed her warm heart at Christmas. She posted a video showing her wrapping gifts for her most loyal fans.

"They think they're getting a package from UPS but UPS is me," she said.

She even delivered these gifts in person to a family in Connecticut. Now, that's hitting the right note.