Dallas Cowboys Victory Clouded by Rescinded Call

Some are calling it the 'worst call ever' that was later rescinded, leading the Cowbosy to victory.

The controversial call happened in Sunday's big NFL playoff game.

It sure looked like pass interference against the Dallas Cowboys, who were losing to the Detroit Lions as time was running out. The announcer sure thought so, saying, "That's pass interference."

Now, there's shock and outrage because the referees suddenly changed their minds and took back the penalty flag. It allowed the Cowboys to stay alive and go on to get the game-winning touchdown.

The Detroit News website went ballistic. One headline read, "Officials Defeat Lions In Dallas." "It's tough to overcome this kind of crooked officiating."

The refs are standing by their call, but stirring up even more anger is a TMZ Sports video showing a Cowboys party bus full of young women parked outside a Los Angeles night club last summer. The video shows a guy getting off the party bus who happens to be the NFL's head of officiating, Dean Blandino. He's the boss of the referees who made that head-scratching call Sunday night, leading some to wonder if the Cowboys might have gotten preferential treatment.  

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Matt Dery, Detroit Sports Radio 105.1 host who said, "My audience today is livid. The phone lines have been lit up the whole show. Texts, tweets have been non-stop. Everybody in Detroit feels robbed."

And New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a big Cowboys fan, was caught on live TV awkwardly celebrating with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the owner's luxury box. The likely presidential candidate was left hanging on a high-five and settled for a group hug instead. 

Twitter exploded. One person tweeted: "That is not a good look, Chris Christie."

And from a Detroit Lions fan: "I wonder if Chris Christie realizes those 16 electoral votes in Michigan are 16 he'll never see..."

Christie's brother, Todd is firing back on Facebook, saying, "To all of those non Cowboy fans who have their panties in a ringer because the governor of New Jersey is a Cowboys fan--get a life."